Nowadays, we tend to think about two things: how to save time and money. If you care about these things and if you do your best to maintain stability, you will increase your productivity. Yet, you cannot achieve this on your own, that’s why digital tools are the best solution for saving time and money. Unfortunately, with the benefits package, you also receive disadvantages. This article will show you the advantages and disadvantages of digital tools in business. 

There are many digital tools to use in 2022. Businesses use them for time tracking, communication, paying bills purposes, project management and many more. 

Why Are Digital Tools Beneficial for Business? 

Track Your Employees 

There are many time-tracking digital tools that automatically control your performance. For instance, WebWork Time Tracker is a time and task management system and employee monitoring software for companies and remote teams which has various features that can be useful for you. 

WebWork is especially good for remote employees, as it is possible that they may be involved in distracted activities. To help them stay focused, you can use the Time Tracker with Screenshots  feature that proves the time and effort that your employees dedicate their tasks. 

Communicate with Your Team Members 

Aren’t you tired of constantly sending emails? Communication platforms, such as Slack, help you to communicate effectively, easily, and creatively. Due to Slack, you can arrange teams and projects into channels. 

This way, you communicate more effectively by having discussions with your teams in the channels that suit your topic. Also, this digital tool gives you a sense of belonging to the group and having a chance to share engaging content with each other. 

Manage Bills 

Imagine not wasting time and not using additional tools to send invoices to your team members. Xero is an online accounting tool that has an automated invoicing system that enables you to send invoices faster. You can use Xero from anywhere and manage your expenses faster. Your payments are safe and secure with Xero. 

Why Are Digital Tools Harmful for Business? 

There Are Too Many Features 

It becomes hard, when digital tools have many features, and you need to choose the ones that suit your objectives. For instance, many people complain about ClickUp having too many features, which can be too distracting during work. It is a project management digital tool, but having too many features can be too overwhelming. 

Privacy Is Violated 

Many employees are against time tracking digital tools. They do not feel comfortable when their time is being tracked. Employees may think that their employers do not trust them enough. There is a constant fear of being watched and adversely criticized. The majority of employees wants to keep the information about app & website usage private. 

That may affect employee performance, as they won’t work confidently knowing that their activities are being tracked. 

Notifications Distract You 

Receiving too many ongoing notifications may prevent you from working productively. For example, Slack is a communication platform which sends notifications, and if not customizing notification settings correctly, your performance level may decrease. You may get distracted especially when it comes to notifications from individual conversations. Even if they are related to work, the work results may suffer. 


By using digital tools, you receive both good and bad effects. It seems impossible to live without digital tools especially in today’s digital world. That is considered an advantage, yet there are also disadvantages.